Mac Anaya was born as a form of expression through jewelry as a particular vision of the world and one's own experiences.
The love for nature, its forms and meaning are always present.
Quality, detail and curiosity are its most personal hallmark.
Stones and metals are mixed to create aesthetic pieces that end up merging with the wearer.
Our jewelry is handmade in Spain with all the care and attention it deserves.

We create small works of art with vintage reminiscences, studying different shapes and styles and adapt them to our vision.
The sea, the animals and the light transcend to the collection.
We seek to make each piece of jewelry unique and special.
The jewelry adapts easily to make the wearer comfortable.

We are growing step by step, evolving with new materials and ideas.
Most of the collection is made with natural stones such as aquamarines and tanzanites, which are characterized by their color and beauty.
We use metals such as brass and silver for the base, with high-quality three-micron gold plating.